Our Mission

To provide customized services to clients based exclusively on their established needs by focusing on areas of optimization with integration of services capturing all aspects of your business. We want to help Healthcare Providers optimize operations, clinical practices, and revenue processes while improving patient and payer performance.

Who We Are

Macman Management Healthcare services was founded in 2010 and have worked with variety of healthcare disciplines including various types of specialty. We have over 50 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including our panel of expert teams, who have customized every level of businesses small or large by maintaining our quality and proven outcomes. We maintain a high level of knowledge due to complexity of expertise required for clients. Our client list includes Community Health Centers (CHC), Private provider groups, Technology vendors, Independent Physician Associations (IPAs), Technology and Health plans.

MMHCS maintains our commitment to our clients and invite you to be a part of our growing clientele.

Our Areas of Expertise


Revenue Cycle Management

The revenue cycle isn’t just one component but many different units working together to create a smooth cycle of positive patient outcomes and steady revenue flow. We have expertise in verification of eligibility and benefits, posting charges, coding, billing of claims, posting of payments, denial management, and collections.


Training & Technical Assistance

MMHCS offers comprehensive, customized Training & Technical Assistance for everything that makes your clinic run smoothly from eligibility to insurances, documentation to coding, and everything in between. Our technical support team is experienced and qualified to assist with Billing, Coding, Compliance, Quality Improvement, Project Management Services, and more!


Operations Management

Every part and position in an office is necessary in maintaining a steady service flow. During this changing landscape of technology enabled healthcare, our expertise can bring you efficient and successful ways to optimize your workflow. Have us assess and improve your operations, today!


Quality Improvement

With the increased focus towards quality care and public reporting of provider level data, our staff can provide exceptional expertise for you to meet State and Federal Guidelines, including becoming Patient Centered Medical Home Certified and/or achieving Meaningful Use.

Meet The Team

Jaspreet Sodhi

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Jaspreet Sodhi started Macman Management Healthcare Services (MMHCS) in 2010 in response to growing complexity of the managed health care delivery system. MMHCS mission is to provide health care providers with strategies to improve their revenue cycle management and clinical performance.

Prior to founding MMHCS, Jaspreet worked in a variety of management positions with FQHCs, Primary Care Associations, private practices and hospitals. Jaspreet has been
a consultant and advisor to numerous FQHCs, RHCs, specialty practices and urgent
care providers throughout California and oversees the leading revenue cycle management company in the state.

Jaspreet is a sought after expert in the financing and operations of FQHCs and has provided coaching and guidance in and to the largest and most innovative providers in the country. Due to her expertise and company culture, Jaspreet has assembled a diverse team of professionals with collective experience unique to MMHCS.

David Quackenbush

Chief Strategy Officer

David Quackenbush is a seasoned executive with a 20-year track record of advocating for health care insurance coverage and access for low-income communities throughout California. David has led multiple community health center (Federally Qualified Health Centers, Migrant Health Centers, Rural Health Clinics) organizations through reorganizations resulting in expanded resources and staff capacity to fulfill the organizational mission.

David has been the CEO for the largest FQHC network in the nation that included original farmworker health centers, has been a Vice President for the largest primary care association in the country and has been the Chief Strategy Officer for FQHCs and other organizations in the healthcare delivery system.

David has also been an active member in both National and Statewide community health center associations and has been an appointee of two different California Governors.

Pravina Khalasi

Chief of Revenue Cycle Operations

Pravina Khalasi is the Chief of Revenue Cycle Operations and has been in the revenue cycle management industry for over 20 years. Pravina understands the revenue cycle processes for all payor types and has supported Federally Qualified Health Centers and other Community Health Centers for almost 10 years. Pravina specializes in implementation of Electronic Health Records and Electronic Practice Management software for a variety of clients which enables her to provide robust training customized for all staff levels and the operations of each individual health care organization. Pravina’s experience and expertise maximizes systems efficiencies and revenue optimization.

Isela Kloeppel

Chief of Programs & Services

Isela Kloeppel is the Chief of Program and Services and has been a Professional Healthcare Director of Operations with over 18 years of success in operations, revenue management, patient health education, healthcare compliance, patient outreach and enrollment. 8 years of Billing Revenue Cycle and Enrollment Manager for Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Andrea Avila

Director of Revenue Cycle Operations

Andrea Avila is the Director of Revenue Cycle Operations and has 20 years working with FQHCs, IHS and other providers focusing on improving revenue cycle management and the efficiency of health care operations. Andrea has many years managing staff and departments including provider credentialing, enrollment and operating policies and procedures in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Kate Brandt, CPMA, CCA, PESC

Director of Coding, IT Services & Corporate Compliance

Kate Brandt is Director of Coding, IT Services & Corporate Compliance and has vast knowledge and experience in provider documentation and coding practices. Ms. Brandt came to MMHCS after completing her Medical Billing and Coding Program at MTI College and has assisted in the development of MMHCS’s team, programs and services. She oversees MMHCS’s coding team and continues to broaden her expertise which is evident from her numerous professional certifications.

Dinorah de la Rosa

Director of Training

Dinorah de la Rosa is Director of Training and has over 25 years of experience in the Revenue Cycle Management field including hands-on client management, training, instruction and curriculum development. Dinorah has supported Federally Qualified Health Centers, and private and specialty practices. Dinorah is also an entrepreneur having founded and managed her own revenue cycle management company.

Debra Urias

Director of Client Relations, Recruitment & Onboarding

Debbie Urias is Director of Client Relations with more than 20 years of commitment to quality in the patient experience. Debbie has managed private and specialty practices collaborating with health care providers, executives and management teams improving operational efficiencies and finances. Debbie also has been an educator providing instruction in the medical assistant, phlebotomy and revenue cycle management fields.