Accounting & Financial Scope:

To meet today’s challenging world of healthcare, it is crucial to understand the various regulatory requirements affecting practices and having the most modern standards in place. MMHCS can provide you with guidance and solutions you can count on.

  • Prospective Payment System (PPS) rate setting planning and evaluation!
  • Assistance in Medi-Cal and Medicare cost report audits!
  • Technical Guidance of financial planning for a new service site!
  • Development of internal audit plans!

Accounting & Financial Scope:

We provide several services under the scope of finances. These include:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Assisting in and providing of development of financial reports
  • Revenue recognition
  • Cash Flow planning
  • Planning for computer systems clean up
  • Assisting in the preparation of Government required reports such as UDS, OSHPD and Cost Reports
  • Preparation of grants
  • Technical guidance and support
  • Financial computer system evaluation and implementation

Project Management:

During this changing landscape of technology enabled healthcare, our expertise can bring you efficient and successful ways to deploy new technology, programs and services. We are experienced in various areas of project management including, but not limited to, the strategic planning, design, implementation, and execution of programs that can include several projects and providing strategic, business, financial and action planning for current operations and future business endeavors for your practice. To ensure proper planning and implementation, we can perform program audits, financial reviews, internal evaluations, and more.


Anyone in healthcare knows there are a lot of red tape from rules and regulations that are growing in numbers every day. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re implementing and what still needs to be done, let alone how. We can show you how! We understand the Office Inspector General (OIG) requirements as well as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and your state rules and regulations affecting the compliance maintenance of your organization. We can assess, develop, monitor, and maintain your compliance organizational needs by providing cost effective models of implementation.