Why Peer Review?

MMHCS recognizes that Peer Review is a requirement for FQHC as a part of Quality Assurance/performance improvement plan which should be completed once a year. It is a measure of quality of care rendered by providers. Several aspects of Peer review covered in our model of service include medical records review, patient complaints and grievances, adverse clinical outcomes and potential adverse events at inpatient or outpatient level. Peer review data is highly recommended as part of a provider’s performance evaluation and credentialing.

Peer Review and FQHCs

We provide these unique services to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) which is led by our Chief Clinical Consultant Dr. Anil Chawla. Dr. Chawla joins us with 25 plus years of experience working in a FQHC with 20 years of experience as the Chief Medical Officer. She has extensive knowledge and implementation experience with JCAHO / NCQA as well as required expertise in HRSA and OIG regulations.

Meet Dr. Chawla

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the process which includes the generation of an accurate claim, submission of a claim, payment on a claim, and posting of a claim hence collecting revenue of services being rendered. It entails the use of technology to track the claims being processed through each stage of its life cycle so the healthcare provider doing the billing can follow the process and address any issues, allowing for a continuous stream of revenue generation.

While most may know what the RCM is, your sites/clinics may need to assess and focus on improving efficiency in some or all of these areas. A lot can go wrong during the revenue cycle and MMHCS is here to provide you with extraordinary expertise through our understanding the programs and services you provide and align the revenue you should be collecting.